All About You.

When I find the night’s mystery,
Too purple for my taste,
I seek with fingers; melancholy,
The flesh of your waist,
And when you; awake at the touch,
Close the arc of our motion,
Tune into a single taut line,
Of steel and water; tying together
In familiar pleasure,
Our breathes into storm,
I know your smile shall shield me tommorow,
When I am no longer oozing in your arms;
A hair’s breadth from life,
But away, miles into the lives and lights,
Of strangers under street lamp,
Peeling away the veneer of my heart,
To hold yours.

One thought on “All About You.”

  1. Sensuous & beautiful, I adore this (though the pedant in me can’t help but notice a few spelling mistakes). Your lover is lucky, and, I imagine, so are you if they inspired this poem.


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