Once Again Through This Night


I hold no flavored thought,
Like warm hands around my head,
It’s the morning of yesterday,
My body lies still in bed,
I feel the folding silk, falling soft satin,
I hear the wall clock murmur, murmur in latin,
There’s quiet to the point of loud,
Then a ringing, ringing cloud,
A gentle, gentle tapping,
Of the God slowly clapping,
In an aged, acted wonder,
At all my floating blunder,
I turn to dwell as lumber,
Drift into the dead- like slumber,
Where the sky dances pure white,
Kissing new twilight.


There are footsteps upon the stair,
Rising up in a pair,
And shadows on the floor,
Ears breathing through the door,
Then my name on fingertips,
Rainfall of petaled lips,
Nectar upon my neck,
Sunshine for my sake,
So I open my eyes to morn,
Like a bowl of reasons born,
Rising to feel my feet,
Come victory, come defeat.

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