The Unfavoured

I ask what is mine to have,
And not yours to give.

These hands are not for seeking,
Leftovers from your land,
These feet are not for treading,
A barren island.

I too am blood and bones,
With a heart that for beauty beats,
And a mind that knows of hate,
And a soul that seeks retreat.

Your words old and worn,
Shall no longer seek my choice,
I shall rise, I shall raise,
The tenor of my own voice.

And you of shallow streams,
Of endless talks of storm,
Shall one day seek my penance,
In each and every form.

And then I shall offer my stillness,
My cowering cloth of dread;
May you too as me witness,
The pain of being afraid.

3 thoughts on “The Unfavoured”

    1. The Protagonist depicts the consciousness, an idea of the people who have been oppressed. And they are asking for what you can call is their birthright and not a favor.
      The Protagonist then goes on to explain that their past subjugation has been because of the inferiority (shallow streams; the mentality) that the oppressor has in his thought and not because any inherent fault of the protagonist.
      And he hopes that when the oppressor rises to the protagonist level of maturity the former will be able to see his mistake at which point the protagonist will make him truly aware of the horror that were imposed upon him( the cowering cloth of dread).

      I hope this helps😊


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