My body left behind,
On land no longer mine,
Shall know, blood upon It’s brow,
Or a maggot on an earlobe,
Or salt between It’s toes
Shall the sylvan summer breeze
Warm my pallid face
Will the winter’s fierce lips
Keep me blushing red
Would they who make love to life
Watch over me too
Or am I one of those adages
Never to be new
How many years hence before It shall be found,
Will there be roses where I lay,
Or a bare patch of ground
How farther must one fall
To know the depths of men
And prove compassion is an art
And question this honest end:
Why people who love the light
Cannot fight for a piece of shade
Why they who talk of future
Never walk
Much far ahead

3 thoughts on “Cadaver”

  1. I absolutely love the second half of this poem (from the line “How many years hence…”).
    Reading such poetry helps one to disconnect from the outside world for a moment. I’d say that it’s like meditation. All of your poems have that power.

    “Sleep, love
    Before you awake
    To the world and her dream
    And find the silence holding your heart
    Break, and begin to scream.”

    And I loved these lines from the poem “Lullaby”.

    Hope you have been well. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi!
      Glad to have you back 😊 You were missed. And thank you for the most warm compliments. Your genuine takes on the poem, both personal and impersonal, leads me towards a learning curve.
      Waiting to read your work and be dazzled again

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi 😁

        I stopped by to read you but now I feel that I should get back to writing as well. I just have to set my priorities right, and strike the perfect balance between chasing the promise of a “good life” and my passion. The rest can go to hell. 😏
        Thank you for the support, again. It matters a lot.

        And you can always correct me if I misinterpret your poems, Purvesh. Sometimes, I am guilty of not paying complete attention.

        I will be around. 😊


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