Through The Lips Of Living Ghosts

I live my life
Through those who lived before me
And triumphed,
For mine are eggshell victories
Inchoate brush strokes of the blind
Left behind, listening to the faceless sounds
Dreamt by dead branches and wayside stones
Alone in their darkness
Wherein all ashes intone
The pleasure of being burned alive
Only to never feel, another touch of life.

The Half Past

It was half past ten
In the broken clock
Light flooded from the bathroom
Vintage; as if streaming from another time;
A past not yet undone by dialysis,
I laid ankle deep in silk
The shawl around my neck and feet
Splitting me in two tragedies;
Naked and none, while
The feathers of my pillow whispered in their broken flight: “Do not close your eyes or all that you fear shall come alive”
There was something in those words
That left me speechless
And so I slept
Wide awake
Breathing only for breathing’s sake.

The Pulse of A Petal

I dissolve in the potpourri
A green leaf amidst dead petal
Lost men flock the streetcar
And only I fight for the aisle
Knowing far too well that the bespectacled windows
Shall turn some blind in a while
For the tapestry towns
Stitched with dancing lights
Is not for them to claim
Who lick the darkness between two tungsten tongues
And know no aftertaste to blame
But the raindrop feet on cobbled streets
Paper skin behind display glass
Torn faces through the Venetian Blinds
A world watered in a vase
Are all akin
To a bargained win
For those with mundane affair
Of humble hands with seawater veins
Wading waves of deep despair
But I of charlatan choice
Of parched lips moisturised with the mud
I know far too well of flowerpots
And the fate of dreaming bud
So I dissolve in the potpourri
A green leaf amidst dead petal
Growing gardens beneath empty graves
Waiting for the dust to settle